Orphaned child education project in Africa (Cameroon)

This project aims to ensure the social protection of orphans and families by promoting their access to basic services, by creating conditions favorable to their development through several specific objectives.

Access to education the organization of food management, etc. The first step is to identify orphans by conducting a social field survey to obtain a computer database. Education is one of the keys to development, the association will massively sensitize families on the repercussions and risks that their offspring incur and lead them to perceive the advantages of education in the changing context of today’s world.

The census will continue throughout the duration of the program, which would allow for constant updating of the database.

Support for schooling in the form of distribution of a kit of school supplies to school children, including (3 notebooks, 2 pens, a pencil sharpener, a slate, a ruler, chalk, a schoolbag)

A food parcel will be distributed monthly to the families selected according to the criteria of Help Us International.

A network of craftsmen could be involved in learning the trades of young orphans. The apprentices will all receive an endowment of work tools, the cost of which will vary depending on the trade chosen by the apprentice.

The common objective is to help orphanages and families in great difficulty for the education of children.

In the long term HELP US INTERNATIONAL will provide multifaceted support and help to contribute to development via flagship projects through micro credit.

This Humanitarian initiative aims to collect from donors and partners school supplies, clothes, toys, mattresses and others.