Drinking Water Project in Africa (Cameroon)

HELP US INTERNATIONAL has opted for the rehabilitation of more than 40 boreholes, wells and springs developed in 50 municipalities and cities every two years with the participative approach of the beneficiary population and in partnership with the municipalities in order to allow the population to be able access to potable water.

The essential methodology for the realization and proper functioning of the project is to associate the participation of beneficiaries in all stages of its realization.

To know :

  • Awareness
  • The location
  • The realization, and after the realization
  • The training of the water point management committee to ensure the after project. (maintenance of places in state etc …)

Project justifications

  • The project is primarily ecological, combating drought in hostile areas with drinking water
  • Resupply of the population with drinking water
  • Water is life.
  • Strengthen their ability to create income-generating activities
  • Development of the region -Fighting against diseases caused by non-potable water (malaria, cholera, amoebae, diarrhea,) The area shows that by providing drinking water to the populations we help them to fight against the main water-borne diseases and thus provide a path for the improvement of their living conditions.

Immediate objectives

  • Have drinking water in the village
  • Facilitate access to drinking water for populations by installing a borehole
  • Reduce diseases caused by dirty water.